Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my zip code change, now that I live in the community of Rancho Belago?
A: No. Your zip code will remain 92555.

Q:  What is the population of Rancho Belago?
A: Rancho Belago has a current population of approximately 30,000 in approximately 10,000 households.

Q: Will the name designation affect my property tax rate?
A:  No.

Q: What school district services Rancho Belago?
A: Rancho Belago, 92555, remains within the boundaries of the Moreno Valley Unified School District.

Q: Will the name designation Rancho Belago change my school designation?
A: No. 

Q: How will police, fire and emergency service providers find me in an emergency, now that I live in Rancho Belago?
A: For the most part, street addresses will remain the same and that is how emergency service providers locate the residence or business that calls for help. 

Q: Will the street signs be changed from “Moreno Valley” to “Rancho Belago”?
A:  Community signage is currently under development.

Q: Where can I find more information about property in Rancho Belago.
A: Please watch for more news on the Rancho Belago web site.

Q: Will Rancho Belago ever get high-speed internet?
A:  As East Riverside County continues to grow, demand for the high-speed internet will attract more providers. 

Q: Are there any plans for an off-leash dog park in Rancho Belago?
A: As park plans are developed, all needs will be considered and prioritized. Please refer to the web site, www.ranchobelago.com for information. 

Q: Will Rancho Belago have its own city hall?
A:  No.  Rancho Belago may have its own community center in the future, but no City Hall. Rancho Belago is currently represented by Moreno Valley City Councilman Frank West.

Q:  How can I become involved in the planning and development of Rancho Belago?
A:  The Rancho Belago Economic Council has created this web site, and will be posting or announcing community involvement opportunities in the months to come.

Q: Where can I take ideas about improvements to our area?
A:  Email Information@ranchobelago.com and your ideas will be reviewed by the Rancho Belago Economic Council.

Q: As a land developer, I need to know if the name change designation will affect zoning of the area, and if so, how?
A: No impact on zoning changes will occur because of the name change. The City of Moreno Valley is responsible for all zoning issues.

Q: Where can I learn about events and news about Rancho Belago?
A: This web site, authored by the Rancho Belago Economic Council is the best source for information, and will be updated regularly. 

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